THE LITTLE HOURS: sex comedy from your Western Civ class


The amusingly naughty but forgettable comedy The Little Hours is based on the dirty fun in your Western Civ class, Boccaccio’s The Decameron.   A hunky young lad goes on the lam after cuckolding a local lord and hides out in a nunnery, pretending to be a deaf-mute.  He is then serially molested by the young over sexed nuns.  There is lots of sexual activity in The Little Hours, all played for laughs and none of it erotic.

It’s the 1300s but the potty-mouthed nuns speak as though it was 2017.  Aubrey Plaza is particularly funny as an unceasingly fierce nun with a knife-to-the-throat fetish and a secret life as a witch.

There are lots of low-grade laughs in The Little Hours, including an ancient nun so intent on her embroidery that she is oblivious to enthusiastic sex in the same room and communion made more challenging by a priest’s palsied hand.  Comedy stalwarts John C. Reilly, Nick Offerman, Fred Armisen and Molly Shannon all sparkle.

Horny nuns, arise!


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