About The Movie Gourmet

I love movies, and I’m an evangelist for outstanding films that may be overlooked by people who will appreciate them.  This blog allows me to make those recommendations, along with my rants and ruminations.

You don’t need me to tell you that Argo, Lincoln, The Social Network or The Artist are good movies.  What’s important to me is that you don’t miss the less well-known gems:  Winter’s Bone, I’ve Loved You So Long, Incendies, The Kid with the Bike, Tell No One, The Secrets in Their Eyes, After the Wedding, Take Shelter and the like.

I see a lot of movies – between 150 and 200 each year (plus movies from previous years that I watch on Netflix, television, and other sources).

Each Friday, I post Movies to See Right Now with my recommendations of the movies currently in theaters, on VOD and on TV.  Most Tuesdays, I post a DVD/Stream of the Week.  On other days, I post my comments on films that I’ve seen or other rants and ruminations about the movies.  I pride myself on avoiding spoilers.  If you subscribe, you’ll get an email letting you know each time that I post.

My taste gravitates toward the independent, foreign and documentary films on the art house and festival circuits, and I love classic films, too, especially film noir, westerns and suspense thrillers.  You can sample my taste with my Best Movies of 2014, Best Movies of 2013, Best Movies of 2012 and Greatest Movies of All Time.

There are genres that I tend to skip: science fiction, horror, zombie, superhero, action and chick flicks.  But I will see a film in one of these genres if it supposed to be especially good or have a fresh take on the genre:  Avatar, Iron Man, District 9, Zombieland, etc.  Still, with all the movies that I do see each year, I always watch less than half of the box office leaders.  I’m just not going to see Transformers, The Avengers, Twilight or Mission: Impossible.

I’m also an inveterate list maker.  Not only do I love to rank the best films of the year, but I have fun with Best Prison Movies, Best Sports Movies, Best Drug Movies, Best Foodie Movies, Great Hillbilly Movies, Worst Teeth in the Movies and all the rest.

Why “Movie Gourmet”?  Well, “Movie God” and “Roger Ebert” were already taken, and I like to cook and to eat well, so…

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    • Well, The Pacific is clearly an excellent work and it’s not that I didn’t like it. It just didn’t get me hooked after the first two episodes. Two things: 1) The structure didn’t work for me and 2) I had just read/seen something on the Battle at Alligator Creek at Guadalcanal, and the depiction of that battle on The Pacific didn’t exceed my expectations. If I were a professional critic with the obligation to review every major release for my public, then I would have given it more of a chance. I wish I had a more satisfying answer, but there it is. I’m glad you enjoyed and admired The Pacific so much.

  1. MovieGourmet,

    Paul Bunnell (director of Johnny X) turned me onto your blog…I directed an indie detective movie called FUZZ TRACK CITY. Would you have any interest in writing about it? Here’s a trailer…

    Love your blog by the way! Cheers!


    • Steve –

      I would be interested in writing about FUZZ TRACK CITY if I can watch the movie. Let me know.

      Best of luck with the film.

      The Movie Gourmet

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