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SFIFF: under the radar this weekend (April 29)



The Bandit

Chevalier: a sly and pointed exploration of male competitiveness, with the moments of drollness and absurdity that we expect in the best of contemporary Greek cinema. Director Athina Rachel Tsangari is obviously a keen observer of male behavior.  (In 2011, Tsangari brought her hilariously offbeat Attenberg to SFIFF.)

Dead Slow Ahead – a visually stunning and an often hypnotic film, shot on a massive freighter on its voyage across vast ocean expanses with its all-Filipino crew.

Five Nights in Maine – An emotionally affecting exploration of grief (though dotted with humor), this indie drama showcases superb performances by David Oyewolo, Dianne Wiest and Rosie Perez.

Frank & Lola

Leaf Blower  an amiable Mexican slice-of-life comedy, with three young guys drifting though rudderless adolescence,  doing what teenage males do – busting each others balls, wasting time, and achieving new heights of social awkwardness and sexual frustration.

Love & Friendship

NUTS! – a persistently hilarious (and finally poignant) documentary about the rise and fall of a medical and radio empire – all built on goat testicle “implantation” surgery in gullible humans.

Under the Sun – a searing and subversive insight into totalitarian North Korean society, all from government-approved footage that tells a different story than the wackadoodle dictatorship intended.

Weiner – The media feasted as Anthony Weiner’s campaign for New York City mayor self-immolated in scandal, but this VERY inside view of his campaign shows that there was much more nuance behind the punchlines. Certainly one of the best documentaries of the year.